The World's Smartest Safety Device for Your Bike.

With your BikeTag, you'll ride with fully automatic crash detection, live tracking and more.

Ride with confidence!

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Hit The Open Roads
Explore new roads with confidence and push yourself to new levels of performance. With Auto-Tracking, by the time you take your shoes off, your ride will be automatically saved and uploaded to Strava.
Shred it
Get dialed in and get off the beaten path. Ride that gnarl knowing that your family and friends can live track you so you're never riding alone.
You have enough to think about and the last thing you need is another piece of tech that gets in the way. Stay focused on what matters and let the BikeTag automatically track every ride and keep you connected to family and friends.
BikeTag Crash Detection

Crash Detection

Ride with confidence and peace of mind when you hit the open road. The BikeTag™ is a first-of-a-kind product to automatically monitor for crashes and notify your family and friends.

BikeTag Crash Detection
BikeTag Auto-Tracking


Technology should be discreet and just work! The BikeTag™ automatically tracks your ride as soon as you start riding. There's no need to manually start, pause or stop it each ride. Oh, and you can also export your rides to your favorite training log!

BikeTag AutoTracking
BikeTag Rider Alerts

Ride Alerts

Knowing when you return home after a ride can give your followers the peace of mind that you are well. With Ride Alerts, the BikeTag™ automatically notifies your followers when you begin and end a ride.

BikeTag AutoTracking
BikeTag Live Tracking

Live Tracking

Laying down some serious miles? Allow your family and friends to know where you are at all times.

How It Works

Get a BikeTag


Get a BikeTag™

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Attach it to your bike


Attach it to Your Bike

Attach the BikeTag™ to the BikeTag bracket or simply put it in your saddle bag.

Get out there and ride!


Get out there and Ride!

It's completely automatic. You just start riding with your iPhone (Android coming soon) and the BikeTag™ does the rest.

What The Pros Have To Say

"The last thing I want to worry about on the road when I'm out training is if I get hit, will I be able to contact somebody? I try to ride as safe as possible and take the guesswork out of all the drivers out there but accidents happen and the severity is an unknown. If I don't have to worry about contacting somebody when I crash, it's one less thing to worry about and that is why I'll ride with BikeTag."
Mike Friedman
2008 Olympian
"I'm really excited to start using the exciting new BikeTag device. With a real passion and love for cycling and exploring new roads and terrain, it will automatically track my routes and inform my often worried husband of where I am! It can also automatically monitor for crashes and notify selected friends and family."
Julie Dibens
2004 Olympian, 4x World Champion
"As a manager of athletes, I always worry that my athletes (“my kids”) make it home safe from a day of training. With Tagit Lab's BikeTag device on board their bikes, it will be a huge relief knowing they are home safe, while also having the capability to track them down if they're in trouble. A must have for all of my athletes."
Wendy Ingraham
8x Ironman Winner
"As cyclists, we spend countless hours riding alone where anything can happen. Having a device to monitor my safety gives me the peace of mind to explore."
Ben Wolfe
Pro Cyclist, California Giant
BikeTag Automatic Tracking

Completely Automatic

The BikeTag™ starts working as soon as you start riding your bike. No need to launch the app, start the ride or manually upload. It all happens automatically!

BikeTag Battery Life

Because you don't need another device to charge...

BikeTag's finely tuned algorithms are optimized for power and efficiency resulting in a projected battery life of over a year.

Tech Specs

Height & Weight

BikeTag Tech Specs

Supported OS(s) & Devices

iOS 8 or newer

iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 5c, 6, 6+

Android coming soon...

Battery, Power, & Connectivity



Battery Life:

More than a year




Bluetooth Smart®

Water Resistance:

Splash Resistant